6/5: “We are Just a Crouton in a Bowl of Whale Soup…”

Dick made the comment in the title of this post as we were surrounded by humpbacks; he said he’d heard one of the guides use the phrase last week. It was most appropriate this evening.

It was now 6:20pm, and no one was thinking about dinner.  We watched the line of humpbacks, not sure how many there really were; Three? Four? Five?  At times, maybe six.

Remembering to check out the scenery, and not just the whale show:

We also saw a barge toting boats, trucks, and other goods – probably the only option for some, since so many areas in Alaska are not connected by roads:

Wait a minute?  What’s that?  Ha!  You didn’t get away this time:

Let’s straighten you up, and show some closer views:

We enjoyed the next hour watching the fun.  And, in case you’re wondering, I did put the camera down every so often to just enjoy the sights, and also grabbed a quick dinner.

At 8pm, we saw the Island Princess arriving.  They were late to the party, but maybe they’d seen whales elsewhere, since there seemed to be so many.The Island Princess came close enough so we could see they were watching the new Disney “Oz” movie on their big screen. There weren’t a lot of people out on deck or at their balconies.  One good thing about this interruption – Lou said we did get a cell phone signal while they were in the vicinity.


It was almost 9pm when we said good night to both the Island Princess and the whales. We continued to capture the close up action, even after the Island Princess arrived.

Another day exceeds expectations! Thank you, Lou – this has been the best birthday trip ever.

I went to bed with visions of leaping whales …

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