5/29: It’s Not Over ’til the Whales Say It’s Over

We thought the fun for the day was over, but as we finished dessert, we noticed we were making another pass by the Five Finger Lighthouse: if we’re still in Frederick Sound then maybe there will be whales?  And, soon we saw one:


And then, a humpback not far from our ship:


This is turning out to be quite a nice after dinner surprise.  As I was focusing on the lighthouse again, I heard a collective gasp from those on the port side of the boat:


And that, my friends, is what it looks like when a Humpback Whale falls back into the water after a breach!  Key word here is After.  Dang, so wanted to capture that.  I did, however, get another nice photo of the lighthouse (grrrr…):


We saw another small ship not far from us. That whale is really close to them (this is the Admiralty Dream); a few minutes later, there was something scraping up against their port side:


Do you see it?


Can. Not. Imagine. what that must have been like.  It was exciting just seeing it from our boat.  And, we still had humpbacks in view.  Here’s more humpback action – They didn’t stop – we had been back out on deck for over an hour, and it seemed there was something going on everywhere we turned:


We finally gave up at 8:45pm.  It was getting too dark to get decent photos, and we were in awe of what we’d just experienced (at least I know I was).  The only word I can think of to describe the evening: Magic


After a celebratory Alaskan Amber, we headed to our cabin at 10:30pm or so.  And even that turned out to be an experience.  We had just come through a narrow passage, and it was something to see:


Blue Magic

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