5/17: Exploring Juneau

I was up early on Thursday morning, helped by the 4 hour time difference.  I set out at 5am to explore Juneau; it was drizzly and cloudy.

The Wilderness Explorer, docked just across from the hotel – this is the boat we would be on for Week No. 3.

Just one of many ravens flying around town:

Tracy’s King Crab Shack – a popular destination for …………………. Alaskan King Crab

The Red Dog Saloon – another popular tourist attraction. It was too early for a beer at 6am …

The Alaskan Brewing Co. store – a good source for souvenir T-shirts. We would enjoy their brews on the trip.

Main Street was quiet early in the morning, except for the photobombing ravens

I was back at the hotel before 7am, and Lou was ready for breakfast.  We walked to the Sandpiper Cafe, and had a very good meal.  Food is expensive in Alaska, but we didn’t find it much more than in most resort areas in the US.


Lou’s healthy selection of corned beef hash:


 Note – I like to take food photos, but will try not to overdo it in this report. 

Since we were up early and had a free day, we decided to go to Walmart to get some last minute supplies for the trip.  I had booked a rental car for the day; this was easy since there was an Avis rental counter right at the Goldbelt Hotel.  It was about  a 20 minute drive to Wal Mart, which was out near the airport.  We picked up a supply of cold medicine, ibuprofen, spare reading glasses, sun glasses for Lou, and a few other items.  We didn’t have a cold, but thought it best to be ready since we would be gone for so long.

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