5/16: Week 1 Eastern Coves

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You can find out more about the travelers (Lou & Sharon) and how this trip came about by reading the About this Trip page. Or just skip that part and start scrolling. The links below show how this blog is organized. It is one continuous travel report, starting with our travel day and getting into Juneau. The links will allow you to skip ahead to different weeks of the trip. Also note that all galleries (anytime more than one photo is grouped together) can be viewed as is, or clicking one of the photos will bring up a slide show of the full size images).

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Week 1:  Inner Reaches Eastern Coves; Juneau to Ketchikan on the Wilderness Discoverer

Week 2: Inner Reaches Western Coves; Ketchikan to Juneau on the Wilderness Discoverer

Week 3: Northern Passages and Glacier Bay; Juneau to Sitka on the Wilderness Explorer

Week 4: Land Tour: Alaska Railroad, Denali National Park and Redoubt Bay; Sitka/Fairbanks/Denali/Anchorage

(To read about just one portion of our trip, you can click on one of the links above, or click on one of the drop downs on the menu item – “Ultra Alaska Home.”

(Note:  The dates in this report coincide with our travel dates, but this report was first published in November, 2013, redone in 2017, and then overhauled again in 2021. The contents stayed the same, but the inner workings of the blog have changed over time.)

Travel Begins

We opted to stay at the hotel across from the Bangor airport, and were up early for our 6:15am flight (it was originally at 8:00am when we booked it – thank you, Delta).  Lou pushed the luggage cart across the street from the hotel to the check-in counter, and we were soon on our way.

Here is your first quiz – what happens when you click on a photo in a gallery?

We were met in Juneau by a representative of Un-Cruise who drove us to our hotel.  We were both asleep shortly after checking in. The Goldbelt Hotel – not fancy, but fine for our weary bodies – it’s still not totally dark at 9pm. The Goldbelt was conveniently located by the docks, and was just a short walk from the downtown area.

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  1. I read everything that’s up so far and am really enjoying seeing the pics again. There are some that I think are new to me as well. Just incredible photos. Everything loaded right away and I had no issues with enlarging the photos or moving from page to page.

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