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6/4: Being Geeky @ Geikie Inlet

The day didn’t start out like the view in the panorama above.  At 6am, it was foggy and a little bit drizzly.  It was supposed to clear up, so we weren’t too worried.  Today we were going out on a hike and also doing an afternoon skiff tour. […]

6/5: A Rainy Day in Idaho

Lou confirmed we were going to be in Idaho Inlet for the morning, then headed to Icy Strait later in the afternoon.  We were still moving at 5am, and the weather didn’t look too promising. Our agenda for today included just one activity.  As usual, we picked the […]

6/5: Triple Play in Icy Strait

Back out on the bow of the boat, we were watching the Kittiwakes – they were just sitting there, then all of a sudden there would be a big ruckus and they would fly around.  Jeremy, one of our expedition guides, explained there was a Parasitic Jaeger bothering […]

6/6: A Bad Day @ Hanus Bay?

We woke up to find ourselves in Hanus Bay.  We had two days left in our last week of Un-Cruising.  It didn’t seem possible for the rest of the week to live up to the days before, and ……………  it didn’t!  Again, that’s ok.  We had already had […]

6/7: Marooned in the Magoun Islands

Our last full day on the Wilderness Explorer has arrived – we are at a quiet anchorage in the Magoun Islands. We weren’t actually marooned at the islands, it just sounds more adventurous than “Anchored in the Magoun Islands.” The weather has improved, and the morning views are nice. […]

6/9: Week 4 – Land Tour

This will not be a very exciting day to read about, but I’m including it just so we have complete documentation of our trip.  We had to leave the hotel at 4:00am in order to catch an early flight to Fairbanks.  Actually, we were flying Sitka >Juneau>Anchorage>Fairbanks. I […]

6/10: Travel Day to Denali …

Monday morning was an early start. It had rained off and on yesterday, but it was just cloudy this morning. Transportation was not an issue today, the Resort Busses were ready to take us to the Train Depot. If you’ve not been to Alaska, you might be asking, […]