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5/18: Eastern Coves Embarkation Day

The day had finally arrived! We were going to board the Wilderness Discoverer this afternoon to set off on our 3 week Un-Cruise Adventure.  But first, I had a whale watching tour to get to.  I had previously booked a morning tour with Harv & Marv – this […]

5/19: Tracy Arm & Sawyer Glaciers

Here is a recap of our itinerary for Week 1.  We set sail (technically, started the motors) from Juneau on the Wilderness Discoverer, and will tour the Eastern Coves on our way south to Ketchikan.   Our destination on our first full day of cruising was Tracy Arm […]

5/19: Icy Falls & Frederick Sound

We enjoyed a lunch of pasta with sausage and peppers before cruising away from the glacier.  Lunch is served buffet style, and there were always at least two options, including a vegetarian choice, and soup or salad.  Most days we had fresh baked cookies! There was a pastry […]

5/20: Baird Glacier & Thomas Bay

Today was Tuesday, May 20th. A most important day – my 60th birthday. I convinced Lou to play it low key on the ship, but there were numerous congratulations, and it was such a nice way to enter into my next decade. It was also a great day […]

5/21: Cascade Creek & Patterson Lake

The crew pulled anchor late last night, and we cruised overnight to our new destination – Cascade Creek Anchorage.  From here, it’s possible to take a 5 mile hike to Patterson Lake.  It’s now Tuesday, May 21st, and our first week of cruising is almost half over. This […]

5/23: Yes Bay

I wasn’t up until 6am today, so missed the early morning photography opportunities. Lou always managed to sleep later, even occasionally skipping breakfast.  We were in Yes Bay, and were anchored next to Yes Bay Lodge, a popular place for fishermen to fly into from Ketchikan.  The plan […]

5/22: Wrangell, A Change of Pace

No kayaking or hiking on today’s agenda – the anchor was up and the engines were on shortly before breakfast. We were headed to the small town of Wrangell, 155 miles South of Juneau. Wrangell sits on Wrangell Island, and you need a boat or airplane to get […]

5/25: Ketchikan & The End of Week 1

We had a short cruise to Ketchikan on Saturday morning.  After sleeping in until 7am, the first thing I did was check the Wildlife Board on the way to the lounge. This was an informal and fun way to keep track of our wildlife sightings. Well, son of […]