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  1. Sharon, I absolutely love following your travels and the photos are all so gorgeous…thank you so much for sharing…

  2. I really enjoyed going through the text and photos for your amazing trip. I think weeks 1 and 3 were my favorites, although every day had beautiful sights to see. Can’t beat the “whale soup” day, and I love the shots of the still mornings.

  3. I just spent a wonderful Saturday morning going through your final Alaska post. The photos, as always, are spectacular! The comments are so informative, and interesting, and I love the bits of humor you add. It all really makes me want to go on this type of trip to Alaska! Thanks so much for sharing it all!

  4. Good Morning! I am Tawney, the social media manager for Harv and Marv’s! I wanted to get into contact with you, because I read your report and I loved the detailed account of your trip. I especially love the fantastic photos that you took and the small write up about your experience with Harv and Marv’s. We love reading what people have to say about us, and it was great to see your experience with us included in your travel journal. I want to just say that we genuinely enjoyed having you and I definitely understand that our weather isn’t always favorable and we were so happy that you were able to enjoy your experience even though you ended up on a larger boat, which we know is not what you had planned for. We hope you and your husband are able to travel back to Alaska someday, and if you do we also hope that you chose Harv and Marv’s again, as we would love to have you. If there are any questions I can answer for you please feel free to contact me at any time! Thank you once again, and I hope you guys are keeping warm this winter! Happy New Year!

    Tawney Letterman

  5. Hi Lou and Sharon –

    Wow! I just came across the blog about your and Lou’s adventure last summer. I remember fondly the days I sailed with you, Lou (and his camera) for the first 2 weeks aboard the Wilderness Discoverer. It’s still winter up here in Juneau, but Spring and Summer are closing in and we’re all looking forward to another great season of adventures. Thanks for sharing the story and photos of your trip! Speaking of photos, it was fun to see one of me taken during on our skiff ride in Tracy Arm the very first day of the first week. I’d love a copy if you’d be willing to share it – the colors of the ice and water contrasted with the bright man-made colors of my pfd and hat are striking. Thanks!!!

    Hope to see you on another Un-Cruise adventure in the future.

    Laurie, Expedition Guide on your 2013 Adventure aboard the Wilderness Discoverer

  6. Whoops – looks like my email didn’t make it on to my post. It’s laurie.c at

  7. Dear Sharon,

    I read through your entire blog over the weekend and I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. My husband and I are traveling to Alaska this summer and are planning some of the same activities. We are spending a week in the Kenai Peninsula and Denali followed by a one-week cruise. It was great to have this sneak peak, and your photos only made me more eager for summer to get here. Great job! Thank you for all the work you put into the blog and for sharing it. It will be very useful for people planning a trip to Alaska as well as the armchair traveler.

    Best regards,

  8. Thanks for sharing your trip with us! The photos are spectacular! I specifically wanted to see what to expect from a Glacier Bay Un cruise, We are considering one for our daughters college graduation cruise in 2018. We took them when they were 8 &10 on a princess ship. We went with the grandparents and the big ship experience really didn’t work out for us. Luckily, we had a week land tour with a local tour operator from Anchorage to Kenai to Denali that was incredible, so it made up for the lack luster cruising experience. I wanted to see how much kayaking there was (we sea kayak in Maine, and one of daughters did a trip on Lake Champlain, so we really enjoy this) and it seems there are plenty of opportunities to do so! I was also hoping for better wildlife spotting opportunities, and your photos show that certainly seems to be the case! Thanks for sharing!

    • Hello. Apologies for the late reply … I had some issues accessing the comments on the blog. There were lots of kayaking opportunities, especially for those who were avid kayakers. We took our teenage granddaughters on a similar UnCruise last year and they loved it and did an almost full day kayak trip with a stop for lunch.

      We have now been on two Uncruise trips and found the wildlife viewing opportunities to be much better than on a larger ship. Of course, you are always at the whim of Mother Nature.

  9. Sharon, thank you so much for publishing your “Ultra Un-Cruise Adventure” trip report. Your comments and great photos gave me much insight into the experience, and increased my level of comfort in booking our first-ever cruise. The big ships have never appealed to us, and the small ships are much more expensive, but your account helped to convince me that we will enjoy an Un-Cruise enough to make the cost worthwhile. We just booked a 2-week cruise on the Safari Endeavour, and we’re excited.

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