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The purpose of this page is to allow you to read just sections of the report.  Using a blog format makes it easy to have interactive features like photo galleries, but it is not quite as easy to read when it includes a lot of posts listed in chronological order, if you only want to read a small part at a time.  If you are familiar with reading blogs, you probably won’t need the info that follows – you’ll know you can click on the category links at the top of each post (e.g. “Week 1,” to go to all posts related to that category.

Navigation: Click on any of the headings below, and you will be taken to that section.  For example, to read only about Week 1 of our trip, just click the heading that says “Week 1:  Eastern Passages on the Wilderness Discoverer.”  You can also read the blog post by post by clicking on one of the links below, or simply click on the Title of a Post – there are navigation buttons for “next” and “previous” posts at the bottom of each post when you read it this way – they show the title of the post; it doesn’t look like a regular link but it is.  This also allows you to easily post comments on a post – see comments section below.

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Introduction   (this is a clickable link, as are all the lines that follow)

Our Ultra Alaska Trip – May/June 2013

5/16: A Very Long Travel Day

5/17: Exploring Juneau

More 5/17: Mendenhall Glacier

Week 1:  Eastern Coves on the Wilderness Discoverer

5/18: Embarkation Day – Week 1

5/19: Tracy Arm & Sawyer Glaciers

More 5/19:  Icy Falls & Frederick Sound

5/20: Baird Glacier & Thomas Bay

5/21: Cascade Creek & Patterson Lake

5/22:  Wrangell, A Change of Pace

5/23:  Yes Bay

5/24:  Misty Fjords National Monument

5/25: Ketchikan & The End of Week 1

Week 2:  Western Coves on the Wilderness Discoverer

5/25: Misty Fjords Flightseeing with Island Wings

More 5/25: Embarkation Day – Week 2

5/26: El Capitan Cave & Week 2 Itinerary

5/27: Klawock & Tlingit Culture

More 5/27: Cruising Through Chatham Strait

5/28: Bay of Pillars “You Otter Been There…”

5/29: Saginaw Bay – Fun with Echinoderms

More 5/29:  It’s Not Over ’til the Whales Say It’s Over

5/30: Port Houghton – What’s a Salt Chuck?

5/31: Endicott Arm & Dawes Glacier

6/1: Back to Juneau – the end of Week 2

Week 3: Glacier Bay & Northern Passages on the Wilderness Explorer

More 6/1:  Embarkation Week 3: Glacier Bay National Park & More

6/2: Bartlett Cove – Glacier Bay National Park Headquarters

More 6/2: Just Another Un-Cruise Day…

Even More 6/2: Glacier Bay Continues to Amaze

6/3: Checking Out Glacier Bay

More 6/3: An Afternoon Stroll on the Beach

6/4: Being Geeky @ Geikie Inlet

6/5: A Rainy Day in Idaho

More 6/5: Triple Play in Icy Strait

Even More 6/5: “We are Just a Crouton in a Bowl of Whale Soup…”

6/6: A Bad Day @ Hanus Bay

6/7: Marooned in the Magoun Islands

6/8: Sitka & The End of our Ultra Un-Cruise Adventure

Week 4: Land Tour to Denali National Park and Redoubt Bay

6/9 Travel Day to Fairbanks

6/10: Travel Day to Denali

More 6/10: Predator and Prey

6/11: Our Lucky Day

6/12: Goodbye, Denali … We’ll Miss You

More 6/12: The Great Rail Road Snafu: Part 2

6/13: Are There Any Bears in Alaska?

6/14: Going Home and Final Words

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  1. I just read your review of Alaska, and it was outstanding! to put it mildly. We are planning a trip to Alaska for our 30th anniversary in 2018. I had been set on taking Lindblad, but after your review and checking out the UnCruise website I am now undecided. I was hesitant because I had read that their land portion was not as good as Lindblad, but seeing that you did it on your own gives me hope. We would like to stay at the Northface lodge, but now I have to figure out all the logistics on my own. How much help did the uncruise people give you? And they did laundry for you? That would s a nice bonus. I was concerned on how to pack for 2 to 3 weeks with no opportunity to do laundry. I would love to do a month in Alaska, but I don’t think I’ll get my husband to do even 3 weeks. Any help you could do free us would be greatly appreciated! Geralyn

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