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5/16: Week 1 Eastern Coves

Let’s go to Alaska! (Click the post title to get started.) You can find out more about the travelers (Lou & Sharon) and how this trip came about by reading the About this Trip page. Or just skip that part and start scrolling. The links below show how […]

5/25: Week 2 Western Coves

After finishing up the flightseeing tour, we were dropped off at the Cape Fox Lodge.  There, we visited with some of the people from Week 1 who were preparing to go home.  We didn’t need to check in, but were able to use the meeting room to catch […]

6/1: Week 3 – Glacier Bay NP

We had nothing planned for our transfer day in Juneau.  We thought we would go up the Mt. Roberts Tram, or perhaps back out to Mendenhall Glacier, but the rainy weather put those options out of our minds.  We walked around town, did a little shopping, and had […]

6/9: Week 4 – Land Tour

This will not be a very exciting day to read about, but I’m including it just so we have complete documentation of our trip.  We had to leave the hotel at 4:00am in order to catch an early flight to Fairbanks.  Actually, we were flying Sitka >Juneau>Anchorage>Fairbanks. I […]